About Us

At Wise Vintage we seek to offer designer vintage clothes and shoes at affordable prices, while innovating and re-capturing your past memories by reviving your sense of style.

Company background:

Founded in January 2018 in London, Wise Vintage has rapidly grown into one of the world’s best-known vintage clothing brands with a number of satisfied customers. Starting with an initial idea of re-inventing the future, indeed it was WISE to think of bringing the old fashions and designs into the current and the future! The beginning of the WISDOM was to look back into 1940s and 1950s and appreciate the pictures of well-dressed men and women. From this point, we chose to collect rare designs from ex-film studios around London. Since then Wise Vintage has grown beyond the dream. Just a one bedroom flat, a computer and a camera, the founders have managed to turn Wise Vintage into an existing venture, whose innovations will seek shape our customers’ future by re-connecting them with their past. We are expanding into other major cities. A dream full of endless wisdom!